Kate Carnes

November 2013

Hey, it’s been a few weeks as usual. At least I check in every now and then, lol. I looked back through a few posts again and realized I didn’t post any before or after pictures of Derek’s room. How about this? It looks better and if I ever get the pics up here, if I even took any, I will, maybe. I am such a slacker sometimes. Or more like forgetful. Either way, it is done and looks cleaner and better. Now to get the downstairs finished. I go Miranda’s area cleaned up the other day. I am so excited. Next the bathroom. Get rid of stuff, trash, I am so tired of it……..

Throw away, throw away, give away, and give away. I feel I have been slowly working on this for years and now it seems I can tell a difference. Emptiness. No crap everywhere. Yahhhhhhhhh. Over the next few months’ lots more will be gone. You ever wake up one day and say why? Why have I even bothered to hold on to any of this stuff? Cause why bother holding on to it forever. I can’t take it with me. And if I need something later I will probably forget I have it and go buy or make it anyway. So here is to getting rid of the crap I have collected over the years. 🙂



Posted in Busy Work by Kate on November 14th, 2013 at 4:24 pm.

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November 2013

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