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In life, it seems that sometimes you gotta decide what it is you really want. Some mignt call it a midife crisis, others, well, who knows and more often than not I just don’t care anymore. Me I would say its looking at life differently. Putting focus on what can actually make a difference in my life and the life’s of those I care about. You stop worrying about stupid c$@p. Well, I’m not sure what I ever really overstressed alot anyway. You ever have those days when people are telling you what they think they see in you or try to tell you about yourself and your like……really? REALLY? Then there are those ones that have known you for what seems like forever and you breath a sigh of relief cause there is someone(s) out there that sees you for exactly who you are and/or doesn’t really care……. 🙂

Its annoying when you some people think something about because of preconceived notions in their own head………

Oh, lololol, another thing that used to be annoyng but has become quite funny is when you see someone you used to go with doing the same thing to their new better half that they did to you………lololol Get over your personal issues, let them be themselves, some people are too easily embaraased. Thank god times are changing……. and thank god I don’t care anymore, lol

Oh wow……………shoot meeeeee!


Posted in Uncategorized by Kate on February 27th, 2014 at 5:39 pm.

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