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You know after about two or three years working on this blog, I kinda think it represents how I do things. Keep slowly working on it, not always consistent. Have lots of time constraints. pretty random…….. But I don’t give up, I change here and there, well, some things anyway. i like to think of it like my core stays the same I just try on different things, outfits, experiences, etc. Like what’s next, wooo hooo.

At 34 I want to say you spend your childhood having fun, it’s like you know exactly who you are. No problems. Experiencing the world the whole time. You get a little older, people start telling you about the world, you have to do this, do that, should be like whatever, listen to what they think you should. You spend your teenage years confused by what’s happening to your body, lol. Fighting any and all authority, whether you show it, admit, or do it openly. Your adult years are like here ya go….do whatever…..you leave one set of rules (which looking back are a lot easier) to another. You meet all sorts of people with all sorts of ideas of how they think life should be. You get kids, jobs, bills, life, blah, blah, blah…..

Thirties, you begin to say hey, what is wrong with who I am. Maybe I want to just ignore what everyone has told you what things should be and just be like it was when you were a kid. Or can you even remember anymore? Well, I know I can. But now I have so much more available to me. Much more at my disposal. You begin to find there are people out there like you……you feel normal……well, normal in the sense that there are others that are like you. You fit in somewhere. You are normal to them, lol. I guess. Well, ok anyway, lol. It’s like I was listening to the Q100 the other morning and they asked people to call in about fits the had thrown just because, lol. Oh it was so funny. This one lady, wanted some sort of ice cream or smoothie from say Mcdonald’s and her husband went to another restaurant and bought it. He gave it to here, she just threw it our the window. lol One lady did something so bad her and her boyfriend broke up. I wish I could remember more. They were so funny. That show does have some good stuff on it. And listening makes me feel like hey, yeah i did something like that maybe I’m not so weird, or bad, or whatever.

It’s just life, people making you feel bad or acting like your weird or not being a well adjusted adult for doing things like that…………this is what I say, so what. Sounds like a normal thing to do. Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we can’t act 5 every now and then. It’s when people act like that all the time is when there is a problem or really hurt people, well, physically is what I ‘m thinking anyway. Just clarifying that………… Well, enough for now. TTYL or some other day, probably not any time soon. But ya never know, lol Random thoughts……..

Posted in Random and Rant by Kate on March 19th, 2014 at 1:10 am.

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