Do you ever feel like its hard being Yourself in this world? First you got people with pre-conditioned ideas of how they were told other people think or do. That there is always something below the surface. Like nobody acts on instinct at all or acts independently for each situation they are faced with. Sometimes I feel as though there is some sort of pre determined outcome or response that I should do for each situation im presented with. Well, what others think. Its frustrating. I didn’t grow up in the world, I was home-schooled, thank God. I didn’t go to regular school much. Learning to be a socially acceptable human. Some thought I had strict parents. And…..sometimes i agree, but the more I think about it. I don’t think it was all bad. Well, I never did anyway. I think ultimately I had more freedom. Its all in how you define freedom I guess…… more freedom to explore, think, make up my own mind… an individual…..the more I experience the world and meet people my age or otherwise….I think……I am so glad I grew up the way I did.