Ok, so I have been spending two days trying to configure this site. You know…..I’m glad I set this up to give this whole website building, coding, etc thing a try. I will tell you this, it has been good practice. So far I have like 30 something errors in my coding I got to figure out. Figured out how to set up an ad on my site. So feel free to click on it and buy something, if you want. 🙂 Tracking, linking, blah, blah, blah. I even had to clear out a hack one time. Of course I think it was pretty cool, cause I figured it out. It took me a couple of days. I’m sure someone with a lot more coding knowledge would have had it taken care of a lot sooner, but I’m still pretty proud of myself, lol. But, after 3 or 4 years in my spare time (lol, what’s spare time) I think I got the hang of this and can set up something that might actually make me some money. Well, hopefully. Or who knows. Anything, I guess we will see……

You know, I have been seriously noticing how many times I write and say…..ok…..and so….and like….and lol…..lol

oh yeah and blah blah blah

But all the world is good, lol, sometimes and now off to work on other sites, other stuff, etc, etc, etc…..